Landscaping Tips

General Lawn Care Tips

Whether you have a green thumb or more of a brown thumb, we’ve got some great tips that will help you take care of your lawn. These tips will help make sure that you keep your lawn healthy & happy. Remember to call your local lawn care specialist if you’d like to talk to an…

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Lawn Watering Tips

Water, obviously, is essential to keeping your lawn healthy. However it’s not enough to just run the hose for a few minutes a week. A few factors are important for watering your lawn: Timing, the amount of water used, and grass type. Here are some tips to make sure that you keep your lawn healthy…

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Lawn Mowing Tips

mowing tips

If you’re going to mow your own lawn, or your yard is small enough to manage by yourself, then you might end up mowing your own lawn. Lots of people think that mowing is as simple as starting up the lawn mower and going. It’s actually not that simple. Here are some tips to make…

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Mid-Summer Lawn Tips

watering your lawn

Now that the 4th of July has come and gone, here are some tips for maintaining your lawn throughout the middle of the Summer. Midsummer can be brutal on your lawn, with dry spells and serious heat. Check out some tips below to help your lawn beat the heat: Water Your Lawn Correctly! In order…

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Help Your Yard This Summer

summer yard care

Early Summer – Mow Tall In the beginning of the Summer you want to always mow high. Taller grass grows deeper roots, and having deeper roots prepares your grass for a tough summer ahead. Also, tall grass helps to shade the soil, meaning cooler soil which needs to be watered less. So wait a few…

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How To Choose the Right Landscaping Company for You

foxgloves flowers

Every landscape has a specific set of needs. For some, mulching is the priority and for others it’s backyard seeding, pruning and yard edging. Each of these tasks requires a certain skill set and perhaps even a large enough team. Paradise Lawn & Landscape, your local landscapers in Washington has written this short article so…

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