How To Deal with Lawn Bugs

Having bug issues with your Lawn?  Insects, Pests and other bugs can be a big problem for homeowners.  Paradise Lawn & Landscape helps homeowners with lawn maintenance in Ridgefield Connecticut.  If your lawn isn’t properly maintained it’ll be a nesting ground for bugs of kinds.  Read below for tips for dealing with pests, insects and other types of […]

Taking Care of Your Lawn Year Round

How to Keep Your Landscape Pristine No Matter the Season written by Ridgefield Landscaping Pros: Taking care of your yard so that it remains healthy is a year-round task … leaving out winter when it is inactive. The earliest time to begin maintaining your lawn is in early spring. This time frame in early spring […]

Improving Your Home’s Security Through Strategic Landscaping

Discover How to Place Bushes, Trees and Ivy Strategically to Improve the your Home Security directly from your friends at Ridgefield Landscaping Pros. Landscaping can turn any sun-dried yard in to a garden suitable for a queen. Little do many people understand that landscaping can be more than just charm, a landscaping job can also […]

Various Types of Grass and their Impact on your Lawn

A beautiful lawn doesn’t get to be beautiful by accident.  Ask anyone with a green, lush and bare spot free backyard and they’ll tell you it wasn’t easy.  The easiest way to earn a rich beautiful lawn is to hire Paradise Lawn & Landscape to do it for you. No matter where you live everyone wants a […]