Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

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We look at your lawn, study its own unique needs, and then we take care of your lawn accordingly. We take a look at a number of different variables: How big is the lawn? Where does the shade fall for most of the day? Are there any outbuildings/playgrounds/monuments that we need to mow around? How easy is it to maneuver mowers around the lawn? We run through a pretty lengthy checklist for every lawn that we mow in order to make sure that we have every base covered before giving you an estimate.

We also determine a proper mowing schedule. For some lawns, depending on the grass and shade, once a week might be too often and you might end up with a burnt brown lawn by the end of the Summer. The old “once a week” mowing schedule is too rigid, and it can be harmful to your lawn. We always tell homeowners “mow tall,” meaning not only to wait until the grass is tall before you mow it, but set your lawnmower to a higher height setting. That allows grass to shade itself and lets your lawn deal with intense heat and sunlight better. So with your lawn’s long-term health in mind, we adjust our schedules and we mow tall as well. Your lawn might not look like a putting green, but it won’t turn brown before August either! 

Not only do we mow tall, we mulch our clippings in order to help shade and feed the grass. Mulching your grass clippings gives important nutrients back into the soil and helps maintain the health of your grass. It also shades roots from being burned by sunlight.  However, we still offer clean-up as well in the event you end up with clumps of grass clippings that could end up killing spots of grass.

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We are specialists that do everything.  Everything includes lawn care, weekly mowing, residential landscaping, commercial landscaping, edging, mulching – you name it, we can help!

Each lawn needs different amounts of water at different times of the year. We keep an eye on the forecast and adjust our mowing schedule as necessary. We are also happy to work with automatic irrigation systems. If you have an irrigation system, we can help you out and program it to run according to your lawn’s needs. Hand watering may also be necessary during particularly dry spells, so remember to hook up that hose when you finally do your Spring Cleaning.

Aside from only mowing, there are a few other things we like to suggest to our clients in order to maintain a healthy lawn: We suggest aeration and power raking in the spring and fall. Aeration allows oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of your lawn, and power raking removes thatch (dead grass) that can prevent these things from getting down to the roots.

We’ve been mowing lawns for decades, so we know just about everything there is to know about mowing lawns. But we know a lot more, and we are happy to offer other services as well! We also offer other lawn care services such as fertilization, weed control, and grub control. Call us today for a free lawn mowing consultation!