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Help Your Yard This Summer

Early Summer – Mow Tall

In the beginning of the Summer you want to always mow high. Taller grass grows deeper roots, and having deeper roots prepares your grass for a tough summer ahead. Also, tall grass helps to shade the soil, meaning cooler soil which needs to be watered less. So wait a few extra days before you mow during the early summer. Or tell your favorite lawn experts to wait a few extra days!

Feed Your Lawn This Summer!

Feeding your lawn in the summer is a must. This helps your yard withstand droughts that are becoming all too frequent. There are different types of lawn food for different climates, so be sure to check the bag and make sure that you are purchasing the right type of food for your grass and location.

As the summer progresses, keep feeing your grass! Even though the early summer is important, your grass needs nutrients all summer long.

Water Your Lawn!

Here’s a trick: use a small garden trowel and check how deeply water is penetrating your lawn the next time you go out and water your lawn or turn on your sprinkler system. You want water to reach 6 inches down into the soil and fully saturate the soil. Most folks don’t even realize that they are just giving their lawn a little sprinkle of water when they intend to fully water their lawn.

Later in The Summer: Get Weeding!

Later in the summer, it’s time to get to work and start weeding. Just before fall is when weeds like to take root. So although you should be always weeding your lawn, the late summer is a crucial time. You don’t want those weeds showing up year after year. You want to pull them by the root and keep them gone! Later summer, when weeds are really starting to grow, is the time to attack!

Sharpen Your Mower Blade

Lots of people don’t even think about this one. But over time, the blade on your lawn mower gets dull. That means you need to make sure it stays sharp. One time each summer is enough, but always make sure that you have your lawn mower blade sharpened. By a professional!

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