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How To Choose the Right Landscaping Company for You

Every landscape has a specific set of needs. For some, mulching is the priority and for others it’s backyard seeding, pruning and yard edging. Each of these tasks requires a certain skill set and perhaps even a large enough team. Paradise Lawn & Landscape, your local landscapers in Washington has written this short article so you can make a better choice when hiring your next landscaper. By understanding your landscaping needs and how they can be addressed, you can choose the right landscaping company for you.

Bed Maintenance

Flower beds are gorgeous but also dainty and fickle. When done right, flower beds are splendid, increasing the curb appeal and property value by as much as 20%. They need a stable growing environment to keep them healthy and lush, with some flowers being especially picky when it comes to soil composition and pH value. Planting beds should also be optimized with the right kind of fertilizer to make the flowers blossom and waft beautiful scents.

Fertilizers should display their NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) composition on the packaging. Most store-bought fertilizers are balanced and will work for any type of plant but in some instances you want to fortify the soil and the plants with a specific mineral. Overdoing the fertilizer can burn the plants; using the wrong one can stunt the flower growth. When talking to a landscaping company, ask about a particular plant problem you’ve been having and how it can be solved through fertilizer use.


Pruning shapes the plant, encourages healthy growth and allows sunlight to go through the entire plant to disinfect it. A pair of sharp gardening shears disinfected with rubbing alcohol will do the trick for small plants but for anything bigger you’ll need experts with power tools. If done wrong, pruning can ruin the plant completely, sapping it of its vitality and inviting diseases.

Trees and vines should be pruned regularly to keep them in check but it should never be done too aggressively. On trees, pruning removes hanging and broken branches; on vines, pruning encourages flowering and fruit growth. The best time to prune is when the plant is dormant and after the frost has passed to minimize frost damage. Talk to a landscaping company and ask about their pruning secrets, especially if you’ve noticed your plants growing out of shape.


Mulch is the protective ground layer that shields the plant’s roots from the weather or from pests. It can be made out of pretty much any organic material but it’s only when it’s expertly made and applied that it gives great results. By mulching, you protect and nourish the plant but also curb weeds because you don’t let sunlight reach them.

Mulch can be made out of coconut husks, bark chips and other material. Each adds a different property to the soil and can solve a difficult plant problem you’ve been struggling with. If you notice your plants being choked out by weeds and pests, mulching could be the solution. Call a landscaping company and ask for their mulching tips and tricks.

Lawn Maintenance

A neatly maintained lawn is the crown jewel of every property. It does require a lot of work, especially when it comes to mowing, watering and leaf blowing. Seasonal timing is of the essence to keep a healthy lawn, especially when seeding and fertilizing it. Depending on the local climate and the type of grass you planted, you’ll have to tweak your maintenance schedule to provide optimal care for your lawn.

The soil should be tested before seeding a lawn to determine if and which kind of fertilizer the grass will need. Most plants thrive in neutral to slightly alkaline soil, between 6–7 pH. Correcting the soil acidity can take some time but it does get rid of a whole host of pests and diseases. Get in touch with a landscaping company and tell them about your lawn issues to see what solutions they can come up with.

Yard Edging

Yard edging can be used to provide a nice visual border between two parts of your yard. There are all kinds of material used for edging, with some being more formal and rigid and others being more natural and flexible. You’re only limited by your creativity and available space in the kind of edging you want to install.

The installed barrier doesn’t merely separate two parts of the yard but can actually stop the spread of weeds to and from one part to the next. If the barrier is installed around a lawn, it can help protect  your other plants from mowing mistakes. The right landscaping company for you should know all the ins and outs of yard edging.

Weeding & Planting

Weeds are everywhere because they need just a speck of soil to grow on. Don’t be surprised if you see them creeping even through cracks in the pavement. Inch by inch, they take over and become a real eyesore for you and a nuisance for your plants. The best way to deal with weeds is a comprehensive, systemic approach. This can include mulching, yard edging, weeding and other ways to uproot them and stop them from coming back.

Once the weeds are gone, it’s time to fill the empty space with gorgeous plants and we can say that only the sky is the limit. If you already have some and merely want to move them to the right spot, we offer planting and replanting services. We can replant small and medium-sized trees as well, which require special care as to not disturb their root system aka. root ball. Asks a landscaping company about their weeding, planting and replanting practices and you’ll quickly find out if they’re a match for your needs.


Gardens, hedges, trees and lawns make our environment feel alive and bring balance to our world filled with concrete and steel. Taking care of plants is a relaxing proposition but they can easily grow out of control, especially on large lots. The longer you wait, the bigger the problem.

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